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Never Buy From Marshall Mercedes Benz Preston

If I could give minus stars then I would however they are lucky 1 star is the lowest which they do not deserve. I bought a car of this dealer back in June 2016. The day I bought the car had issues with suspension so I tried to tried to give the car back within the 30 days however because I put a very expensive kit on the car to aesthically modify the car they would not cover that cost so they forced my hand to keep the car. They advertised the car as 1 owner but when the log book came I was the 3rd owner! The car has had so many issues it's unbelievable, I even had to have the passenger seat replaced at my own expense. I have been trying to sort this car for the last six months and got nowhere.
Do not buy anything from these clowns, I turned the heat up on their pathetic response which they sent me today as their defence so they used one statement from my response and said don't contact us as you have threatened us.    12-01-17
Tags: Stay Away