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I went in for hair up and was told my hair was too short to have up in a simple style I showed. I'm not a fussy person so just asked for something simple but put up nicely what ever they thought looked best. I did bare in mind however that my hair would go up like the picture I showed as previously had it up in other salons. I got part off my hair up in the end and the rest was down. The young lad had attempted to curl my hair and placed the top half up. The curls dropped out after 20 minutes off leaving the salon as he hadn't done them tight enough. While doing my hair the stylist couldn't find any off his equipment ended up borrowing some gold clips from another stylist even though my hair was dark brown. After I returned home an looked at my hair I couldn't believe how bad it was the top half had nearly dropped out to. 2 off my friends I was going out with that evening are hair dressers and one girl asked why they had used gold as you could see the grips it had nearly fallen out by this point. She pulled a grip out and said they were manky grips so swopped them for some I had at home. I had to attempt to re curl my hair as it had all dropped out. I could have done better myself. It was appalling I didn't want to say anything as I felt rude. I'd never go back again. 2 off my friends are hairdressers and couldn't believe how bad it was. They said I should have said something but I'm not rude and felt awkward would never return and would advise other people against it   20-07-15